Greece: PAME Union say no to further austerity measures

Demonstrators hold pickets that attack the goverment politics.

Thousands of people gathered in Syntagma square oranised by the PAME (Panhellenic Militant Front) union to opose Greek goverments continouous austerity measures.

by Giorgos Panagakis

A demonstrator holding a flag of PAME (Panhgellenic Militant Front) Union stands in front of the Greek parliament.

A demonstrator waves a big flag with the image of Che Guevara on it.

Hundreds of demonstrators from all over Greece gathered in Syntagma Square to demonstrate against goverment austerity.

General Secreatary of KKE (Communist Party of Greece) watches the speeches in Syntagma square.

A demonstrator holds a picket that demands from the goverment to give 600 money to the unemployed.

Syntagma square is seen full of demonstrators.


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